Monday, September 30, 2013

Fresh slices of Pineapples in Insadong

Travelling in a foreign country means foraying into a foreign canvas. This time, I was captivated by fresh slices of juicy pineapples sold by this friendly seller. I was taken by the presentation and seduced by the juicy fruit. Seoul in summer is heavenly but beware of the rain. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Restoran Bunga Naga Atas Bukit

The ambience is great and it has good food. It is a nice place to entertain friends and family members. Make sure you get the direction and reserve the place first if you plan to entertain your friends and family members. The host is friendly and it is a good place to relax and dine.

Lot 1076 Kampung Lubok Batu Wang Tepus, 06000 Jitra, Kedah, Malaysia
+60 19-474 7150

Lunch Tradition with Little Nad

Little Nad was obviously no longer little. It becomes our tradition to have lunch with Nad whenever we are in KL. She got an hour break and we would have that time to have lunch and catching up. We would always have great time especially when I would have time asking her about her life up close and personal. I am proud of who she becomes. Love you Nad...

Bondi Beach

Everyone seems to talk about Bondi Beach. So once we were in Sydney, we decided to go Bondi Beach to see the great Bondi Beach. However, we were not dressed for the trip. I did walk on the sand...I love the texture of the sand. I love the beach and could stare at the sea for hours. We went there by bus. It was an easy enjoyable trip.   Do go to this website to get the directions to Bondi Beach. 

Guss who?

The relentless seagulls

Bought our lunch there

Fish & Chip.. I like!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hi again!

I have been busy. It is not a good excuse. Too many events passed by and make me think and rethink.  Thinking too much and too often at times remind me of Dexter. Classes  and teaching a new code this semester overwhelm me. This is my life and my choice. I enjoy it. Being with my students kind of theurepatic though at times they can't wait to get out of  classes. I lost another friend and heard two more are going through cancer battles. My prayers are with them. On good days, I will remember to eat right. On others , I just eat what I eat. Like what that woman said....Tiap tiap hari ada je orang mati kat kampung saya.Semua mati sebab kencing manis.... Perhaps as Malaysians we need to eat right. Today must be my good day! Happy Hari Malaysia!

Ms. Moscow is back in Moscow after a shopping spree that left her penniless. Serves her right. I love her a lot but she got to learn the hard lesson. There is life than the bags, shoes and Pandora. I guess by now my present is just a thought.haha. She will kill me if she reads this but she has her life to live. She won't read this post..unless if someone tells her.

Take A Peek

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