Monday, September 16, 2013

Hi again!

I have been busy. It is not a good excuse. Too many events passed by and make me think and rethink.  Thinking too much and too often at times remind me of Dexter. Classes  and teaching a new code this semester overwhelm me. This is my life and my choice. I enjoy it. Being with my students kind of theurepatic though at times they can't wait to get out of  classes. I lost another friend and heard two more are going through cancer battles. My prayers are with them. On good days, I will remember to eat right. On others , I just eat what I eat. Like what that woman said....Tiap tiap hari ada je orang mati kat kampung saya.Semua mati sebab kencing manis.... Perhaps as Malaysians we need to eat right. Today must be my good day! Happy Hari Malaysia!

Ms. Moscow is back in Moscow after a shopping spree that left her penniless. Serves her right. I love her a lot but she got to learn the hard lesson. There is life than the bags, shoes and Pandora. I guess by now my present is just a thought.haha. She will kill me if she reads this but she has her life to live. She won't read this post..unless if someone tells her.

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