Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It is still raining in Perlis

The rain stopped for a while and then it continues raining.As I am typing these words, it is still raining.I think that with continuous raining, there will be flood soon as the level of water in some rivers are nearly reaching the level of the roads.I hope that the students would be using their umbrellas and raincoats as there are only three more weeks to go for the Final.I know that some of the male guys don't think it is macho to wear umbrellas during rainy days.So do wear your raincoats.I went to C-Mart to stock our food in case of flood.It is better to be prepared.


  1. hi, Im Mega from Batam-Indonesia.
    are u all ok there? still raining?

  2. The rain stopped and sunny days are here to stay.We are ok.Thanks.


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