Tuesday, March 22, 2011

14 year old boy on the run

He should be in school right now.He is a rebel without a cause.He wants to work and can't wait to be an adult.He drives his mother to sickness and his dad to craziness.All who love him are sucked into this insane game of catch-me-if-you-can.This is another case of the aftermath of broken dreams and broken families.After the parents heal their broken hearts , they have to deal with their heartbroken children.Some are lucky as they have well-balanced kids who find other alternatives such as sports, schools and good friends.Others are not so lucky.This boy on the run is a boy that is loved by us.He is a really good kid and the type that would kiss your hand when he sees you.He has developed this runaway tendency since he was ten years old.This time is the worst one.Nobody would know he is just 14 years old as he looks like he is 17 years old.He should know by now running would never solve any problem.Just come home, dear boy.It is never too late.

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