Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Hard Lesson

My sister got a new car and her car's plate number bears the birth years of my mom and my sister .So my mother is so darn pleased.My sister said it was fated.My mom was beaming with pride.Is that fate? 2011 must be the year for my sister.So I thought this year I couldn't make past mistakes such as forgetting my parents' birthdays or other silly mistakes of 2010 .Today I thought that yesterday was my mother's birthday and I sang a birthday song ...My mom was silent and seemed baffled..then she laughed at me loudly .Being laughed by my own mother is not funny at all.

My mom said..."My birthday is June 10....don't you remember ?You always give me a birthday present every year !"

I said ... "Then I would be the earliest child to wish you Happy Birthday !"

I am sure that this story will be told by my mom to all (her children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, cousins and the whole universe).When I told this to my best friend, she laughed and reprimanded me for not remembering my mom's birthday.I'm sure that she would tell others too.

I learnt a hard lesson today.

NEVER FORGET YOUR MOM'S BIRTHDAY!Never compete with someone who drives a car with a plate number that bears her birth year and her mom's.

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