Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Great food in Arau

My family think that I love food so much since I did blog about food.Since Arau becomes livelier and trendier, restaurants seem to appear from nowhere.My present favourite one would be SinggahRasa Utara.If you use the main road, you should drive straight.The restaurant is the last lot on your right.It does sell great nasi goreng paprik , satay, pau and other malay and western food at reasonable prices.One of my friends think that they have the cheapest price for a plate of fried rice.Do go there at night because then it is easier to imagine that you are not in Arau.There are so many people and it is so lively.Another attraction ( at least to me) is the restaurant is managed by my former student and her hubby.She still remembers me...and I do remember her.That would be a great reason to eat there apart from delicious food at reasonable prices.

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