Saturday, March 5, 2011

MATTA FAIR 2011 (MARCH 11-13 2011)

Matta Fair 2011 will be on March 11-13 2011 at PWTC.This is a much anticipated event for those who seek travel deals.Last year, I did attend the Fair and managed to purchase bargain fare to Europe.There were so many people but it was worth it.This year I won't be making the trip to the Fair as the work schedule is too hectic .That doesn't mean that you shouldn't go.Before you go , do your homework.Make sure you know where do you want to go .If not , you will be overwhelmed with too many choices.Take a deep breathe and just like any Sale, enjoy the lucrative offers.Have Fun.


  1. I used to work there for 3 years. My mom opened a booth for her company. It was very tired to convince people with our promotions for 3 days. But it is a good way to improve my English. There was 1 family searching for a good promotion of Langkawi. I tried to promote (spoke in Malay). Then he smile at me and said, " I want u to speak in English. If u are good, I will take it." I was so happy when he purchased my package and they are a big family. The moral of the story : Use English to convince people.U will looks great. Right miss? :)

  2. I am so proud of you .


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