Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Of Uncles and Memories

A student of mine lost her uncle today due to an unfortunate accident.She was grieving while waiting for her relative to fetch her.All I could do was offering her my condolence.Losing someone we love is never easy and sometimes can be unbearable.Last year I lost my uncle to an unfortunate accident during the fasting month.He was the last uncle I had.This uncle of mine was the one that I loved teasing.I lost my other two uncles years ago and I would always miss them.My uncles were my surrogate fathers .They were father figures to all their nephews and nieces.They would always have time for us and they had no problem telling us our mistakes.Nobody could claim that they were the favourite ones as all of us were their favourites.So now all of us cope with our loss by sharing our favourite moments with our beloved uncles during family reunions. My uncles were not millionaires or well-known figures. Yet they must be successful people as they touched many hearts loving them.

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