Friday, March 4, 2011

A visit to the Hospital

We should make a habit of visiting sick people at the hospital.
Why is this so?There are many lessons to be learnt from a simple visit to the hospital.During my visit to the hospital today, I saw many sick people who are fortunate to have their beloved ones caring for them.At the end of the visit, we will appreciate our good health and we are more thankful.I went to visit an old friend today and we were surprised that he has lost a lot of weight.Yet he is in good spirit and totally bored staying at the hospital for nearly two weeks.He was so glad that we came to visit him. I felt guilty for not coming sooner though as I just knew he was admitted to the hospital a few days ago.His mother was glad that his friends came to visit.He is lucky to have a loving mother to care about him.That is why I always salute mothers.They would always love their children unconditionally and in their eyes, their children are simply their children. Then we visited my friend's neighbor.He has diabetes and he had to amputate one of his legs. The visit reminded me of my last visit to the hospital to my late aunt. She too had diabetic and had to amputate one of her legs .After the operation, somehow she lost her spirit to live.My aunt was a very active woman and by not being able to walk dampened her spirit to live.I hope my friend's neighbor would have a different happier path.He obviously has a very caring wife who would help him in this difficult stage.Go to a hospital and there are lessons to be learnt.I am glad that I went to the hospital today...

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