Monday, March 28, 2011

Flashflood in Arau

It struck again.It started all with the dark clouds hovering to rain and the heaving rain pouring from the sky.I saw a neighbour frantically going around our houses.I thought to myself bad thing was going to happen.I went to peek at the drain which was full of water.I told my housemate that we got to close the bathroom drain by stuffing the plasticine into the bathroom drain.We have closed the other bathroom for good.Thank God for the swift action as the water kept coming from houses on the higher ground and somehow swirling at our porch.We had to move two cars from the porch.The water was unable to get into the house as there was a stone fort barricading the front door.I thank God for all.The damage was none but it will strike again.Thank God that this is not our house and am looking for another place to rent. This is not the house to stay for a long time.

Save the cars, Save the World.

The mighty fort

The brilliant Inventor

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