Saturday, February 5, 2011

Up North

I hoped to have a relaxing time in Kuala Perlis .However, that was not the case.Kuala Perlis was swamped by throngs of people.The ikan bakar restaurants were having the ball of their time.Somehow the people of Perlis did return to their home state and last night they had a ball as all the restaurants were full of people.So we escaped to the serene town of Arau.There was a new restaurant in Arau; all you can eat buffet.I think the restaurant provides steamboat.If some of you are no longer in Arau, you might be surprised of what Arau can offer nowadays.Not much but the town does improve a lot.At least it has KFC and 7 eleven which make some of us happier.Living in a small town makes you appreciate the lanterns, the ice-cream and the development that slowly but surely taking place.Though when you hanker for sizzling dish from Seoul Garden, you just extinguish the thought quickly as the journey takes about 2 hours from your place.I am still contemplating why I stay in Perlis for a long time which is a mystery to friends and relatives.Perhaps I love the mystery of being in Perlis. Perhaps I love the looks people give when I tell them I am in Perlis.Perhaps there is a place called Aarau in Switzerland.


  1. arau=araustralia, while perlis=perthlis..
    its nice to live in araustralia which located in perthlis..hehe..full of mysteries..

  2. That's the joy of living in this state .First we wonder why we are here.Then we wonder why we are not here.Good to see you Fatynn..though via the blog.


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