Saturday, February 5, 2011

When In Rome....

If you want to be surrounded with abundant of Halal Food, stay around Roma Termini .It is the train station.There are restaurants selling Halal Pizza , rice and Indian food.You could even be welcomed in Malay by an Indian worker who could converse fluent Malay who has fond memories of Malaysia and Malaysians.We made a rule that we tried all the places before we left Rome.It is heartening to see Muslims in all colours flock together for the blessed food. There are a lot of good hotels around the area.We stayed at Uno Roma Hotel last time we were there.It was behind Roma Termini.

The secret to a great trip is to check with other people.My most reliable source of information would be with TripAdvisor and travel guide books.I trust Lonely Planet and Rick Stevens.Throughout the journey, we often discussed what PakCik Rick would say.Another tip is to ask your friends who had been there.Rome was my second trip but this trip was the trip that we planned.The first trip I just joined the tour so this second trip was more meaningful as I had to plan the trip months beforehand.My advice again is too nerdy as you need to study the places prior to the trip or travel with a friend who does so.

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