Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Anyah !

Today is my sister's birthday.I better not miss her birthday or I will be sorry.My sister is an event planner and a family person. She thrives on family events and creates new family traditions.She glues the rest of the family together .Thank God that my parents' new home is small so she can't buy new furniture..anymore. Another thing I realize is that my sister has a big loving and forgiving heart.My sister inherits my mother's generosity  and bubbly personality.She is a people person.Don't even let me talk about her brain.I still remember how super smart she is .In short, those who are lucky enough to know her would embrace the fact she is a very beautiful person.I am lucky to be your sister and part of your life.
Birthday picture taken from Anyah's facebook

Happy Birthday Anyah.....

p/s we finally bought you a present this year !!


  1. It's a great blessing that I have u in my life!

  2. Kak Yong, i'm buying new furniture for Mak, hehe...


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