Sunday, April 29, 2012


Yesterday was Mimi's birthday!I did wish her to have a jolly birthday.She keeps saying that she is a grown up now and she knows what and who she wants. I am sure she needs to repeat all these because we keep forgetting she is indeed getting older.I wish you all the best and definitely you deserve your happiness.Just remember there are bad people out there...happy birthday MIMI....

The recent kidnapping bugs me.I just don't care whether it is revenge or the need of money .In the end, the victim is a just a boy and he has a family who loves him.I pray that he will return home safely.The scumbags who kidnap him should be punished severely or just have one of their own kins to be kidnapped.Then they would know how it feels.I feel deeply about this case than the recent event which has taken the nation's attention from the boy's case. The boy must be returned safely for the sake of all of us . We don't want to live where we are so afraid for our kids' safety and our own safety.It just break my heart to read another child being taken from his family.Are we waiting for more children to be taken away before we start doing something.So let us start something today.Start paying attention to our surroundings.Who knows next time we can save a child from this unfortunate fate by sharing what we know.With smart phones and sophisticated phones around , it is funny nobody sees anything.

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