Friday, October 8, 2010

The worst winter in Moscow

Too bad that I am not in Moscow.Is it too good? Tapi according to my reliable (muahss..) source, the worst winter will hit Moscow real soon and the solution is real simple. Just get yourself a fridge ..not the fridge magnets that I seem to be collecting but the one that you could store plenty of food.
Where's the logic?
In any real healthy relationship, there is no logic .
So stop finding the logic..
Give it up...
just trust the source that the winter is the worst winter ever in 1000 years.
Get the fridge ( or the winter hat(s) ) and the worst winter will be the best winter .

p/s..I have never been in any winter situation ..but I have the winter coat.Go figure !
There's no logic.


  1. had my 1st winter experienced when i was in states, but that wasnt the worst winter ever like the one which gonna hit Moscow... so i wonder how its gonna be like.. dont forget to add some winter picture later.. n the picture of the fridge too k..

  2. coldest winter in thousand years..puahahha..
    buy me a pair of boots and i'll survive!
    -ur one n only


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