Saturday, January 8, 2011

Handbags= Hard Work

Guess boutiques used to scare me off
cos back then the bags were damn expensive
and the salespersons were too posh
and I am no Ms Posh

three years ago I walked into a Guess Boutique to buy my first Guess handbag
I was so scared as I was clutching my torn RM49.90 handbag
and the salesgirls were nice
I walked out with my new purchase which left me poorer of RM200
I had the most expensive handbag in the world.. so I thought

Then I had my Coach and LV
Still I have my first Guess handbag and all the bags..
Those are the reminders of my hard work

If you have it easier
If someone pay for all your branded stuff
They are just stuff of the present
when seasons change, they will be replaced

Thing is if you don't work hard for it..You won't appreciate it
If you work hard for it, it does matter..
They are your testament of hardwork

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  1. errr... i hope this post does not mean that you want a new handbag.. hehehe


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