Monday, January 3, 2011

of dreams, weddings, engagement and holiday

Chasing dreams in 2011 just like 2010
it is going to be fun
it is going to be exciting
at times it is darn tiring and frustrating
but when it is achieved, all that matters is the dream is achievable
though how unbelievable it was in the beginning

The family is planning a wedding and an engagement this year
knowing the Malay wedding , it is as it is
I am waiting for a wedding that is too cool
where I can wear a pair of jeans and t-shirt
having great time being with lovely people
kinda like a holiday
not my kind of holiday
the kind of holiday you just laze around
soaking the great energy you get around great people
the kind of weddings I would never be invited to

this wedding this engagement this holiday, these dreams
this year
going to be great
with great people
with great details
with great hope
with great dreams

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