Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool & Birthdays

For five consecutive years, on 1st April morning there would be an announcement informing us that if the students played pranks on teachers and fellow students on April Fool Day, we would be punished accordingly.Usually the announcement would be too late or just in time to hinder such pranks.We would have great fun on that day treading carefully as we wouldn't know when, how or why the pranks would be put on us.Sometimes we concocted the pranks weeks before the day.The usual victims would always be our beloved teachers.The April Fool Day was the day for all us at that boarding school.

Come today, my two sweethearts are celebrating birthdays.One is on the way to become a super genius and another is a genius on the run.Happy Birthday sweethearts !

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  1. Hepi Besday Aisha..hepi besday Amin..
    Amin: wanted to give u my house key.. but errrr..hehehe it's not the time yet i guess haha


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