Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sunny Arau

The days after the flood were sunny days.The sun shines again in Arau. I guess tropical days are here to stay.Next week is the last week of the semester.That means next Friday would be the day to bid farewell to the students that I have tortured mercilessly for one whole semester. I would miss them a lot as much I have missed my former students.These people are superb.  This week is the beginning of mega busy weeks ahead of all of us .It ends when the results are validated and we have one to two weeks to chill and the semester starts again for those teaching diploma courses.It is going to be a long holiday for those teaching degree students.I need to get away from this city(hahahahaha).Some of my colleagues are going to travel to a neighboring country .Perhaps I should join them so I could so some shopping there.Before all those glorious moments could be enjoyed , these weeks are here to stay.I notice that some of the students are getting sick and the Final is just around the corner. I just hope they would take good care of themselves.Some of them wonder how to slow down when there are too many books to read, too many assignments to complete and too little time to waste.

1.Have enough sleep.
2. Get enough rest.
3. Do eat nutritious food.
4. Remember to pray.
5. Consult your lecturers.
6. Study with smart friends.
7. Take a deep breathe.
8. Exercise
9. Go to that huge building that is the..Library...


  1. I love and miss the sentence, "Go to that HUGE building that is the..Library." Haha.

  2. Eat properly farieza,you can't depend on the chocolate doughnut.

  3. I love this part ".Perhaps I should join them so I could so some shopping there" huhu..ka ching!!!


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