Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

I am in the nostalgic mood so indulge me by reading this.When I was small, my little sister was smaller and adorable.She was very fair and captivating.I was the dark ordinary older girl that got left behind. She was the sought after Little Miss Sunshine. Everybody adored her so they brought her along to their houses and trips to the towns.Luckily Little Miss Sunshine adored her big sister.Those who wanted to bring her had to bring me too. Imagined how disappointed they were to discover I was Little Miss Sunshine's baggage. I was too darn exhilarating by the promises of new adventures with Little Miss Sunshine to be bothered by snide remarks made about me.At that time, I thought we had a good bargain.We got to go places and they got Little Miss Sunshine's company.Little that I know I would get glimpses of Little Miss Sunshine again in Little M*k Y*h.


Take A Peek

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