Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love, Loss & Suffering

Running away is always the easiest one .Making people bear the brunt of your bad mood is too very easy thing to do. Blaming people instead of sharing the blame is additional easy way thing too.These last few days are one of the hardest days I have ever faced.The boy that I care dearly is a fugitive and we have searched high and low for him.There is still no news about him.I am so touched that some of my former students helped me with the search. Some of them asked me personally what happened to him.I am proud of these caring people I proudly call my students.These few days I religiously checked the FB in case he leaves us a note.Obviously there is none.Every time there is no message, my heart would crush.Then I realise he knows where to go if he wants to come back.His parents' houses , his grandparents' houses and our houses are always opened for him if he wants to come back.The point is does he want to come back ?Or does he cherish his new found freedom dearly?I know he is just 14 years old.Some might say he is too young and the world is a cruel place for a youngster like him.However he should learn to bear the consequences for his action. I do not raise a coward .If he loves us very much, he wouldn't let us suffer for his disappearance.He would let us know that he is all right.I thank all of you for your concern.Hopefully this pain ends real soon.

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