Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lynn Ikan Bakar, Komalaut Kuala Perlis

I have a new favourite ikan bakar joint in Kuala Perlis. It is located in Komalaut( Kompleks Makanan Laut). It is a new place so it is a little bit deserted as people would frequent the popular older complex near the seaside right in front of Brasmana Inn.Komalaut is before that place and it is on your left after the traffic light.I went to Lynn Ikan Bakar twice.The service, the food and the price are superb.The chef loves to cook and the owner wouldn't let you take more than you could eat.Ain't that sweet!

1st attempt = chili crabs, mentarang, ikan bakar + rice for two (Rm50)

2nd attempt = sambal prawn, kerang , ikan bakar & sotong celop tepung + rice for two


The Aftermath.......

I am sure if I ate at any of the shops in front of Brasmana Hotel, the price is double or triple.Apart from that, the drinks are delicious too. if you are dying to eat seafood, give Komalaut a try.You might like the place.There are other shops like Mona Ikan Bakar, Ninie Ikan Bakar & Makanan Laut and Western Food.

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