Monday, November 1, 2010

Banjir di Perlis November 2010

Banjir di Perlis..Oh no..after two consecutive days of heavy rain , the aftermath is expected.At the moment of writing this blog, the rain still hasn't stopped.It is still raining heavily.We did what we did best.Just be prepared for the worst.First of all, we get the food supply so in case of not being able to get out of the house.Then we make sure the toilets are properly closed as the house is easily flooded inside and outside.After that make sure we are connected with all friends so we get the update of the situation.In this challenging situation, I could see there are a lot of Samaritans here.I could see some men working hard chopping off branches of fallen tress and considerate motorists .Even there was a man handling the traffic prior to the arrival of policemen.All these make me think this is in fact a gracious state.


  1. tak leh compare dgn winter yg teruk kat moscow nanti hehehe

  2. itulah...banjir and winter two different kasta ..hahahaha


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