Saturday, November 12, 2011

I heart Manila

Manila has always fascinated me since the day I learnt about Jose Rizal , Imelda Marcos and her shoes.Luckily this time I was given a chance or took a chance to be there presenting our research.I got to thank the university too for funding the trip.This time my bff was given the task to manage the trip.She did plan the trip successfully as she worked in Manila before.I had the pleasure of  looking at her face. She was happy to be back in Manila and visiting the shopping malls of Manila.The malls are really wonderful.There are so many beautiful shoes and sandals.I was in shoe paradise.

My bff made a wise decision(lets applaud for her now..clap clap clap) in flying us in MAS as if we took AirAsia, we would have to endure a very long journey to the city.The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) reminds me of our Subang Airport. We could hail a taxi at the airport but my Bff was creative in securing us the airport transfer which was not for the faint-hearted. I was amazed and impressed by her creativity. 

Apart from the mall, we decided to learn more about Manila so off we went to Intramuros which is the Spanish fort.Once upon a time The Philippines  was colonialized by the Spanish.We asked the cab driver to drop us there and took the horse-drawn carriage and took a tour which lasted 4 hours.We saw many churches and went to Casa Manila ;a Spanish house, which is a superb casa.I heart the kitchen and the garden.e went to see where Jose Rizal spent his last days.We went to Robinson Plaza where my Bff reminisced her glorious past.  

Jose Rizal Park

We went to Makati and toured the Greenbelt shopping complex.Imagine Pavillion in larger scale.

I did present my research!

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  1. Never knew Intramuros
    untill you brought me there..hahahaha
    tq tq grazie


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