Monday, July 11, 2011

The best seafood in Kuala Perlis ;Lynn Ikan Bakar, Komalaut Kuala Perlis

We had dinner at our favourite seafood restaurant; Lynn Ikan Bakar, Komalaut, Kuala Perlis.This time we had chilly crabs, boiled cockles, two large grilled mackerel, a bowl of curry , sambal and two plate of plain rice.The total damage was RM30.When we were there, there were only three shops opened.Two shops specialized in Seafood and another one only sold drinks.The owner of Lynn Ikan Bakar said when Komalaut was first opened,  there were many shops but as there were not many customers at Komalaut, a lot of shops were closed.The owners of Lynn Ikan Bakar are a young hardworking couple .They would go and seek fresh seafood on their own. During weekend, their family members would lend a hand.The food is delicious and the price is reasonable.If you have young kids, they have a lot of space to play ad you don't have to worry about their safety.I think not enough publicity is given to Komalaut Kuala Perlis.It is a lovely place with a lot of potential. It would break my heart if Komalaut Kuala Perlis turns out to be another white elephant.


  1. I hope EXCO tourism in Perlis would look into this matter and start support and plan for more activities there.

  2. Yes Farieza.Just RM30.
    Anon- I agree with you.


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