Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway Massacre & Amy Winehouse

I am shocked and troubled with the massacre in Norway. Nobody gets away with killing many innocent lives for the sake of his ideology.That is incomprehensible yet that is the way of the world nowadays.I pray that we won't have such people in our society.Deep inside my heart, I am aware that Malaysians too will bear the same pain as the Norwegians do if we are too involved in our personal agendas.The images of innocent lives, begging and trying to save themselves from this mad man keep on running in my mind.They are too young for this pain.What if the next time, the same craziness strikes, it will be on our shore?

Then I got to know that Amy Winehouse died.The troubled talented singer was one of my favourite artists.I love her songs but detest her inability to embrace life. Good-bye Amy.

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