Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two Strangers & Other Poems

After so much time waiting for the book to be arrived, today I finally got the book.I am so excited.This is our latest book and our first book of poems.I am so excited and grateful to God .I like to thank my bff for her support and debit card so I was able to purchase the books.I am thankful  to other poets who are willing to share their poems in this book.I am happy.


  1. Miss ! Congrats for the book. Can I ask u something,about the Android. Can Android make a phone call ?

  2. Nope Farieza.It can't.but you could skype.I haven't figure that one out yet.I am too obsessed reading comic strips.

  3. Comic strips ! cool ! Can u tell me what are the functions and what can we do with it ?


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