Monday, December 27, 2010

being back stabbed by your best friends is no fun at all
especially when you are not yet 14
it is hurtful even when you are 14,24,44,64 or 104

you feel the world is going against you
nothing is going to be all right
you feel that you will never be anyone's best friend
you decide to be alone
you picture them the worst fate
you hope one day they will suffer

till one day you realise
there are beautiful people around
people who care
true friends who are genuinely happy for you
friends who don't let their mood swings dictate your life
the kind of people who support and let you chase your dreams

then you forget the back stabbers
you feel no pain
it was just an unfortunate event
you smile and keep on living the life
It's a beautiful day...

till that day..just remember..I too feel the pain

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