Friday, December 24, 2010

What's your talent?

some could dance gracefully
Some could sing beautifully
some could draw perfectly
others could cook delicious food
others could live dangerously

Some blessed souls know their talents from young
Others wait till their children left home to explore theirs
few stumbles on their given talents
Most are still mourning for their lack of talents...hahahaha

take my best friend
She is a wonder woman
all-in-one talented woman
she is a great cook
she has great voice
she could charm the birds and the bees
she could even be the taman diva..the perfect dream neighbour
she's a shrewd negotiator
she's a diplomat
she could understand the language of the computer
she could do lots of things
she's living a dangerous life
she's that talented

on the other side..yours truly
i couldn't sing
a klutz at dancing(so many steps to remember)
a danger in any kitchen
a menace to any children(i will tell stories of their parents)
i refuse to bungee jumping or ride any scary ride at theme parks
would yawn at any boring stories
i am that bad

what's my talent?

you are reading this rite.....?

That's my talent..hahahaha


  1. whois SHE?

    May be the reason U survive...
    The why and wherefore U'r alive...
    The one U'll care for through the rough in ready years...

  2. Spring lover. u r too philosophical!


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