Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stealing wi-fi access

I am not a good neighbor
i could deal with that
at least the others could talk about me
at least I am popular
which is better than to be not noticed at all

Stealing wi-fi access is not okay in my book
you go to mosque
do all the deeds
be a good person
but when you switch on the computer
you ride on someone's wi-fi for free
which is good riddance for all your deeds

You don't steal other people's wi-fi
I know it's hard to prosecute a wi-fi stealer
Just like you don't steal other people's wives, husbands, children etc

But then again
in this era, you wonder one day why people are taking other people's things, belongings, wives, husbands etc
you realise in this world of all-can-be stolen
everything is there to be stolen

Just don't steal my wi-fi
Just steal the Starbuck wi-fi.....

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