Thursday, December 23, 2010

of As and Bs

Once again it was nerve-wrecking experience for the students and the parents
In the examination-oriented system of ours, we thrive on the results
Giddily we wait for the results
Hopefully we pray our beloved ones will get better results
We praise the brainy ones
We  pray for the average ones
We mourn for the lost ones

I did not belong to the first category
Most of the time ..I was in the second
and sometimes I was the one to be mourned
Not something to be comfy if you are surrounded by brainy lots
So I thrive on other people's success
 my sister.. she got all the As
She got the look and the brain ( she will read this ..and I will reap the benefits..hahahaha)
my niece ..she got first class for her degree
my cousins..they got PHDs
You get my drift....

When you realise you don't belong to the brainy lots
You realise you got to work harder
You got to work faster
You got to be better
You got the drive
You got the perseverance
You get up faster than everybody
You realise it ain't bad to be prayed for or mourned for
You smile and move on
After all tomorrow is another day

and you remember A , B , C , D or E are merely alphabets

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