Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am a procrastinator.....

I could surf all the blogs
I could upload my pictures
I could unpack and put my battered suitcase in my store(till the next trip dear suitcase)
I could dance horribly and sing to the misery of others
and I could eat and do lots of things..
But it is hard to write a sentence for the required critical reports ...duhhhh............
Lets look at the pictures of late autumn in Seoul..

and Ms Lets Plan is asking me the plan for tomorrow....hahahahaha


  1. so whats the plan beb? NZ? opsss!

  2. huhuhu bertambah keinginan ku untuk melawat seoul buat kali kedua. and you are rite...on procrastination....lazyyyyyyyyyyy to write especially coz need to organize thoughts........helllllppppppppppppp hahaha


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