Thursday, December 23, 2010

if we are living in an honest world

if we are living in an honest world
we would be totally honest with one another
i am sure i will be told by my siblings the real truth
not my truth
my truth: i am lovable, adorable and fun to be with
The(ir) truth: i am totally bossy and difficult but we are family

so I was telling my nephew that he should marry well
choose the girl for the fortune
i am sure there are plenty of nice , pretty rich girls
of course my nephew looked at me as if I was senile
(he's in love with his dream girl..I was talking to a wrong nephew..phew)
i told my expensive niece the same thing
she has exquisite taste and her mom got to stop supporting her
either get a lucrative job or a rich hubby
luckily she's in Moscow rite now..studying and partying

love requires money
especially in the era of facebook
where everybody always has something more
be it cars, children, houses, holidays or friends
or something to prove
as all kinds of  reunions  being hold
be it kindergarten, primary, secondary, university or even living places being hold
it is hard to measure to all stages of life

How to justify to your kindergarten teacher that u are still taking the bus when the naughtiest student in Tadika Kemas Kg Lulu is driving the Merc?

If we are living in an honest world, you will tell me that this is crap
lucky for me, this is a superficial world
we don't go telling the truth
we don't steal the internet booster

This is a gem....

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